Yoav Pridor

Yoav Pridor

  • Yoav Pridor,

    Research Fellow Marketing Technologies

    Yoav Pridor has been deeply involved in all aspects of the marketing and technology relationship, since the establishment of the www. During his carrier, Yoav held key roles in major advertising agencies, including the establishment of the first in-house Internet department, in an Israeli ad agency. This cross-expertise led  Yoav to the position of VP marketing in Netvision, Israel’s first internet service provider, where he took an active role in the formative stages of the online revolution.

    Yoav started the entrepreneurship phase of his career as part of the founding team of Omgili, and later on founded Buzzilla, which grew to become Israel’s leading social listening company. Yoav served as Co-founder and CEO of Buzzilla and was recently appointed to be the company’s president.

    Yoav holds a BsC in Statistics and Sociology from the Tel Aviv University and an MBA, with a marketing specialization, from the Recanati school of business administration in the Tel Aviv University. He resides in Herzliya with his wife and Three children. Yoav also enjoys Cooking, playing the guitar and flying kites.